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Bindery FAQs


What is the binding edge?

The side of the book where the pages are held together by your chosen binding method.

What is an endsheet?

Do endsheets count toward the pages of a book? Endsheets paste down onto the inside covers of a hard-case book. In smaller books, we can bind with using the text only (self-ended). In this case, they would count toward the pages of the book. Endsheets are highly recommended for larger page counts (separate ends). Two sets of endsheets are needed for books with separate ends (one set for the front of the book, one set for the back of the book).

What is a hinge and why should I avoid it with my artwork?

On a hard-case book, the hinge runs parallel and next to the spine, without board adhered, to allow the cover to bend and the book to open. Having artwork in this area is generally not aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

What is a bleed?

Image that extends beyond the trim of the book, to be intentionally trimmed off during binding.

How close to the edge of the page can my copy be?

A recommended guideline would be 1/2″ from the gutter, and 1/4″ from the head, face, or foot.

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