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We would prefer you use INSITE, our on-line soft proofing system for your file uploads.

INSITE makes it easy to upload files and automatically notifies the proper people via email.

INSITE allows you to view your proofs on-line through any standard web browser using Java.

INSITE automatically emails you and provides you with a link when your proof is ready.

INSITE allows you to Approve, Reject or Annotate and Request Corrections to pages on-line.

Shorten your turnaround time.  Save mailing and/or telephone costs.  Please contact your Customer Service Representative for more information.

FTP vs. Email

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method of transferring files directly to another computer. Unlike email attachments which store and resend your files through 8 or 10 different computers, FTP is a direct connection between your computer and another computer. Email systems will also limit the size of your attachments (usually 10MB). FTP allows you to transfer files of any size, especially large files that are used in the printing industry! You may also use our On-Line Proofing System – Insite, please contact your Customer Service Representative.


Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 5.0 and above has built-in FTP capabilities. Simply, type in the proper ftp site address in your browser. For Worzalla it is

Once you have found the proper directory you may drag or cut/paste files into the directory displayed by your web browser.

If you do not have Explorer 5.0 or higher you need to run a program on your computer designed for FTP transfers, such as CoreFTP from IPSWITCH or Filezilla (There are a number of other FTP programs written for PCs also). — Click here to go to the Core FTP Website.

Note: Using Firefox or other non-Microsoft browsers will allow you to “download” “get” files from a site but will not allow you to “upload”, “place” or “transfer” files to a site.

VISTA / IE 7 LOG-ON PROBLEM If a log-on page does not appear you may have “auto logon” set in your I.E. Browser Security. 1. On the IE Browser select “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Security” Tab, “Custom Level” button. 2. Scroll to bottom, “User Authentication”, “Log-on”. 3. Select “Automatic logon only in Intranet Zone”.


APPLE MACINTOSH INSTRUCTIONS You will need a FTP program (sometimes called a client) EXAMPLES “CyberDuck” — Click here to go to the Cyberduck site. Note: Using Safari allows you to “download” or “get” files from a site but will not allow you to “upload”, “place” or “transfer” files to a site. Firefox from Mozilla requires the use of an “add on” FTP client Click here to go to the Mozilla Web site for FTP clients.

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