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Miscellaneous FAQs

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What are industry standards for overs/unders?

Industry standards for overs/unders are 10% of order quantity.

Why are there overs/unders?

Makeready and machine waste is built into the book manufacturing process.  Often times we run efficiently through all operations and extra books are produced.  Sometimes there can an issue during one operations and it causes us to go through more materials than planned.  This is usually a small percentage of your order quantity.

How do overs/unders affect my final invoice?

You will be invoiced for your exact final ship quantity.  The Add’l M rate listed on your quote will be charged for all books over or under the ordered quantity.

What can I be charged for that is not already in the quote?

Overs, alterations or corrections to proofs, and shipping charges (including Fed-Ex and UPS packages) would be examples of additional charges not specified on the quote.

What is Worzalla doing about the latest CPSIA regulations concerning lead content?

Worzalla is committed to fully comply with all regulations set forth by the CPSIA. For a more detailed explanation, click on the “Green Worzalla” tab and the “CPSIA Information” link on the left.

When can I get started?

Right now! Just contact your Worzalla Sales Representative or Customer Service Representative.

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