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Worzalla Announces Employee Members to its Board of Directors

Updated: May 23, 2022

Worzalla Announces Employee Members to its Board of Directors

Worzalla announced that two associates had been elected to its Board of Directors. Mary Przybylski was elected to a 3-year term and Megan Meyer was elected to a 1-year term.

Mary Przybylski and Megan Meyer join Worzalla’s Board of Directors

Przybylski joined Worzalla in 1992 and currently works as a Lead Customer Service Representative. Throughout her career at Worzalla, she has held numerous roles with the Finishing, Prep, and Customer Service departments. She had just finished serving a 1-year term on the Board of Directors after previously serving as an interim board member.

“With my different department and shift positions, I have gained understanding and empathy for everyone’s role that they play to get Worzalla to where we are today,” said Przybylski. “I’m thrilled to continue representing my fellow associates on the Board of Directors.”

Meyer joined Worzalla in 2016 and also holds the role Lead Customer Service Representative. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point in 2009, Meyer worked with Sentry Insurance in various roles in commercial claims. Since joining Worzalla, Meyer has been promoted rapidly through different customer service roles and now takes lead managing several customer accounts.

“As employee owners, we are the ones driving and working for the future we want to see for Worzalla, which is why I wanted to join the Board of Directors,” said Meyer. “I look forward to the opportunity to provide my perspective as one of the newer associates to have been elected to the Board.”

“Mary’s service as a Board member has been imperative considering her expertise and history with Worzalla. And after less than five years with us, Megan raised her hand to represent her fellow associates,” said Jim Fetherston, President and CEO of Worzalla. “I’m pleased to welcome Mary and Megan to new terms on the Worzalla Board of Directors, as each will provide unique perspectives that will contribute to Worzalla’s future success.”

Of the nine-member board of directors, three spots are designated for employee members. The Worzalla Board of Directors is responsible for growing value for its employee shareholders, plan for the future of the company, and advise company leadership on key issues. Company boards of directors for employee-owned companies are unique in that they have members who directly represent the employees of the company. Other members of the Worzalla Board of Directors include Chuck Nason (Chairman), Sam Crockett (Treasurer), Bernie Patterson (Secretary), Brian McManus, Jeff Gerstner, and Wayne Plaski.

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