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Worzalla Promotes Rich Letchinger to Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

Worzalla Promotes Rich Letchinger to Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer

Stevens Point, Wisconsin (February 27, 2023) - Worzalla, an employee-owned printing company specializing in high-quality custom products including popular children's books and movie tie-in books, announced it has appointed Rich Letchinger Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer. With 38 years of combined experience in sales and sales management, and nearly 8 years of experience working with Worzalla, Letchinger adds the title of Chief Marketing Officer to reflect the adaptation of his role in the constantly changing book industry.

“It is important to have strong leadership and support in sales and marketing at a book printing company. Most people think of sales and marketing as brochures and advertising, but the function goes so far beyond those tactics," said Jim Fetherston, CEO of Worzalla. "In his time with Worzalla, Rich has been an advisor for strategic decisions related to pricing, market opportunities, customer relations, public relations, and much more. Rich will build upon the work he has done in the past while also identifying new avenues and opportunities for the future."

Moving forward, Letchinger will continue to lead Worzalla's sales and marketing team to situate Worzalla in the best possible position locally and within the broader industry, which will ensure future success for every associate with Worzalla.

"I'm looking forward to new opportunities and growth for Worzalla. In my new role I plan to continue to grow sales and marketing while maintaining the company's value preposition to the market," said Rich Letchinger, Vice President of Sales and Chief Marketing Officer.

In addition, Rich has helped grow sales 81% from 2016-2022, established and assisted in installing a modern supply chain purchasing methodology yielding annual savings of more than $2 million, and oversaw efforts to earn social compliance certification which resulted in $1.5 million of new business.

About Worzalla

Worzalla is an employee-owned printing company headquartered in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Founded in 1892, Worzalla has over 125 years in experience in creating high-quality custom products for its customers. Worzalla specializes in the production of cookbooks, children's and lifestyle books, and is dedicated to exceeding expectations for quality, service, and delivery. From small to large publishers, Worzalla is the printer the industry turns to for manufacturing high profile projects and award-winning books. With numerous industry awards for safety and workplace culture, Worzalla is consistently ranked as one of the top places to work in central Wisconsin. For more information, visit

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