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Worzalla’s “Reel It In For Reading” Raises $1,500 for Portage County Literacy Council

Updated: May 23, 2022

Worzalla’s “Reel It In For Reading” Raises $1,500 for Portage County Literacy Council

Worzalla congratulated the winners of their “Reel It In For Reading” ice fishing competition and announced their $1,500 donation to support the Portage County Literacy Council (PCLC). Worzalla’s donation will go towards PCLC’s one-on-one tutoring and small group instruction programs.

Zach Fuller with his winning catch

The winners of the inaugural Reel It In For Reading ice fishing competition are:

  1. First-place winner, Zach Fuller of Iola, won $200 and an additional $100 for being the Worzalla associate with the largest catch. Fuller’s catch, a 103-pound sturgeon caught at Lake Winnebago, measured 71.3 inches. Fuller says that the sturgeon he caught is one of just 15 males over 100 pounds since the 1930s, when data first began being recorded.

  2. Second-place winner, Kyle Weeks of Iola, won $150.

  3. Third-place winner, James Liebe of Stevens Point, won $100.

As the first-place winner of the Reel It In For Reading Competition, Fuller also won the honor of selecting the Iola Village Library to receive a $500 donation from Worzalla.

“We love seeing the community come together for reading and literacy through our fun winter competition,” said Brianne Petruzalek, Vice President of Human Resources at Worzalla. “At Worzalla, we believe that literacy is a valuable skill that everyone in our community deserves access to.”

PCLC’s Shannon O’Donnel, Worzalla CEO Jim Fetherston, and Reel It In For Reading winner Zach Fuller

The PCLC works with adults across the county who come from different socioeconomic and racial/ethnic backgrounds to help them read, write, and speak English.

“Worzalla’s donation will help make literacy and education more accessible to adults in the area,” said Shannon O’Donnell, Co-Director at Portage County Literacy Council. “We thank every resident and Worzalla associate who participated in the inaugural Reel It In For Reading ice fishing competition!”

Worzalla’s “Reel It In For Reading” donations are just one of many initiatives they have launched to support literacy efforts throughout the community. Worzalla’s extensive community outreach includes donating books to libraries and schools, sponsoring literacy and learning events, participating in community-wide fundraisers and charity events, and printing a variety of popular children’s books including the popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. More information is available at

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