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Worzalla Welcomes 12 New Graduates of “Print University”

Updated: May 18, 2022

Worzalla Welcomes 12 New Graduates of “Print University”

3-Day intensive workshop educates publishing industry professionals about the book manufacturing process

A dozen publishing industry professionals descended on Worzalla’s headquarters in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, April 8-10 for what Worzalla calls “Print University,” a 3-day intensive workshop to educate those in the publishing industry about the book manufacturing process.

“I noticed that practically all of our customers reside out the state where we are headquartered, and many had never witnessed the book manufacturing process,” said Richard Letchinger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Worzalla. “We decided to develop Print University at Worzalla in order to offer our customers the opportunity to learn more about the work we do to get their books on bookshelves across the country.”

The curriculum for Print University covers each step of the printing process from start to finish, including:

  • Pre-press which includes file prep, pre-flight and color theory.

  • Four-color web offset and sheetfed printing which include platemaking.

  • An overview of the paper making process as well as an introduction into the most common paper used in book manufacturing.

  • A complete review of book finish capabilities which includes perfect and hard case binding, case making, and foil stamping.

  • A review of Worzalla’s commitment to Environmental Health & Safety and social compliance corporate responsibility.

The most recent class of graduates from Print University include Troy Wallace of Disney, Bernadette Flinn of Hachette, Anna Cooper of Hachette, Rachel Peckman of Hachette, Nico Medina of Penguin Random House, Jessica Lee Klymenko of Penguin Random House, Erica Jimenez of Workman, Ken Murray of Ramsey Solutions, Brandon Heller of Ramsey Solutions, Jessica Zulli of Sourcebooks, Jason Weston of Sourcebooks, and Lin Miceli of Sourcebooks.

“Worzalla’s Print University was an invaluable experience for me,” said Ken Murray of Ramsey Solutions. “The information I gained from Worzalla on the book manufacturing process will help me source products more effectively and help educate my design team regarding the options they have available to create the best possible products for our customer.”

“For something as ubiquitous as a book, many don’t realize the intricacies and coordination it takes to bring a book to the bookshelf,” said Jim Fetherston, President of Worzalla. “Authors work with publishers to perfect their projects, then publishers work with printers like Worzalla to bring these books to life. By helping those in our industry better understand how this is done improves efficiency and collaboration among all parties.”

The first Worzalla Print University was organized in 2018. To date, 38 participants have graduated from the program. To learn more about Worzalla’s book manufacturing process, visit

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