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Green Forest

We recognize the individual and collective responsibilities we have for being good stewards of our environment. Part of this effort is being certified to the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Standard. As a certified Chain-of-Custody(COC) printer, we know that from the tree to the paper we print your book on, papers are responsibly sourced. We have been FSC® certified since 2008, so we know how to make sure your book meets the standard of your choice. FSC®C002589


By having an environmental management system in place, we are ISO 14001 certified. To qualify for this, we use environmentally responsible materials in order to limit the environmental impact of the products throughout their life cycle, from manufacturing to disposal. We minimize our waste materials by recycling, distilling, and/or thermally destroying it.


Worzalla is also G7 Master Printer Qualified, which helps to reduce paper and ink waste by making sure the product is set up properly before starting the full scale production. G7 sets a Universal Standard Gray Balance to help produce the truest colors from digital to print. We make sure that the color is set for the paper your book is printing on so it still has the look that you want. We have a G7 Professional Certified employee that makes sure this standard is being met!


Worzalla also complies with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), which was enacted to protect children ages 12 and under from lead in toys.

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