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Sourcebooks Sends Eight Associates to Worzalla’s ‘Print University’

Updated: May 23, 2022

Sourcebooks Sends Eight Associates to Worzalla’s ‘Print University’

Worzalla’s on-the-ground training helps publishing associates and executives better understand intricacies of the book printing industry

Sourcebooks, a leading entrepreneurial publisher, recently sent eight of its associates to attend Worzalla’s Print University program, an intensive workshop to educate those in the publishing industry about the book manufacturing process. Specializing in printing high-quality children’s books, movie tie-in books and cookbooks, Worzalla gave participants a first-hand look at each step of the book printing process from start to finish. The workshops were conducted with COVID safety protocols in place.

Sourcebook executives, who had graduated from Worzalla’s Print University previously, saw value in enrolling some of its newer associates in the program, many of whom had never set foot in a book printing facility before.

“I really appreciate the opportunity to visit Worzalla, and the Print University program has given me a much fuller comprehension of the entire book-making process,” said Hannah Strassburger, a designer at Sourcebooks and one of the recent Print University graduates. “There are so many hands, vendors and steps behind the making of one book. Worzalla opening my eyes to the manufacturing-side of the process will help me guide our authors and partners more efficiently and effectively to bring their books to life.”

The curriculum for Worzalla’s Print University covers all parts of the book printing process, starting with pre-press which includes file prep, pre-flight and color theory. The curriculum also reviews four-color web offset and sheetfed printing which includes platemaking; the paper making process and an introduction to the most common paper used in book manufacturing; book finish capabilities which includes perfect and hard case binding, case making, and foil stamping. The training also covered Worzalla’s commitment to Environmental Health and Safety and social compliance corporate social responsibility.

“It is always a pleasure to bring our partners into our facility and watch them connect the dots while we explain all the parts of the process. When we help train the next generation of book manufacturers, the Worzalla team always learns from our partners too,” said Rich Letchinger, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Worzalla and organizer of Print University. “We congratulate everyone at Sourcebooks who has graduated from Print University.”

This iteration of Print University’s graduates includes Stephanie Rocha, Hannah Strassburger, Chelsey Molerford, Eliza Smith, Pamela Seatter, Michelle Mayhall, Stephanie Gafron, and Hayden Holota.

Worzalla prints many popular titles from Sourcebooks, including I Love You Just Like This! from Sesame Street, How to Catch a Mermaid by Adam Wallace, The Paris Architect by Charles Belfoure, and others. The first Worzalla Print University was organized in 2018. To date, more than 50 participants have graduated from the program.

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